Rachel Glickhouse

Rachel Glickhouse

I'm a freelance journalist.

I cover Latin America, immigration, and public policy. I recently earned my Master's in social journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

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Immigration judges are burning out faster than prison wardens and hospital doctors - Quartz

Immigration judges are burning out faster than pris...

Ice detention article

Obama promised to deport felons, not families—but that’s not what’s happening

Ongoing legal battles over the president's executive action have sidelined the programs that could protect Rivera....

Rtr4915r article

Why Brazil’s protests didn’t translate into change at the ballot box

After one of the most complex and fast-changing presidential races in decades, Brazil held an election on Oct. 5 that revealed little of the sentiment for change during last year's protests. So what happened? First of all, Marina Silva only won 21% of the vote, a result of a number of...