Rachel Glickhouse

Rachel Glickhouse

I'm a freelance journalist.

I cover Latin America, immigration, and public policy. I recently earned my Master's in social journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

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0115 whatsapp phone article
The Christian Science Monitor

How Brazil's cell phone boom is shaking up politics and journalism

As Brazil's smartphone market grows, so too does connectivity. Programs like Whatsapp have been used by – and against – politicians, from networking with young voters to revealing scandals....

Csm logo 1200x630 article
The Christian Science Monitor

Why everyone wants to be like Brazil

Across the Americas candidates promise to follow the footsteps of Brazil's former President Lula. But 'Brazil envy' makes it possible to gloss over the country's shortcomings, writes a guest blogger....

Csm logo 1200x630 article
The Christian Science Monitor

'Supersize it': seats widen to accommodate Brazil's growing obese population

Obesity is on the rise in Brazil, and regional governments are responding with legislation requiring larger seats and equipment for schools, public transportation, and hospitals....

The Christian Science Monitor

Grassroots media on the rise amid Brazil protests and Pope Francis visit

Brazil's Mídia Ninja is a citizen media group that's been covering widespread protests through live streaming and other social media tools....

0402 brazil rio security favelas article
The Christian Science Monitor

Peace in Brazil's favelas? 5 challenges facing police units

After troops stormed Maré favela over the weekend as part of Rio's security strategy, Brazil's 'pacification program' is coming under increased scrutiny....

Csm logo 1200x630 article
The Christian Science Monitor

Soap operas put the spotlight on Brazil's new middle class

Traditionally soap operas in Brazil were aspirational, often starring wealthy characters. But now they are intended to reflect the lifestyle of the new middle class that rose up over the past decade....

Brazil rousseff 35178429 article
The Christian Science Monitor

Boosting education exchanges between the US and Brazil

Brazilians now make up 2 percent of the foreign student population in the US, on par with students from Mexico and Japan....

1003 brazil elections marina silva article
The Christian Science Monitor

Has Brazil's presidential 'candidate for change' already missed her chance?

Brazilians head to the polls Sunday to vote for their next president. Marina Silva raised hopes for reform when she entered the race, but her flip-flopping on issues like gay rights has many flocking back to the ruling Worker's Party....

1111 rio article
The Christian Science Monitor

Stranger than fiction: 'Elite Squad 2' opens as politician who inspired movie flees Rio

But is the congressman's abrupt departure from Rio de Janeiro actually a political ploy for the city's upcoming mayoral election? Just another stranger than fiction event in Rio's struggle with crime....

0703 spectators article
The Christian Science Monitor

Is watching Brazil World Cup soccer in person reserved for the rich?

When Brazil decided to host the World Cup there was hope that both rich and poor citizens could see games live on their home turf. That hasn't been the case....